How to Cover Stretch Marks with Tattoos

Stretch marks occur when the body gains weight rapidly such that   the skin gets distended beyond its normal capacity. The resulting tearing and breaking of the middle layer of the skin forms scars that can be seen from outside the skin and they are what we refer to as stretch marks.

When the skin won’t stretch further

The dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, carries the skin’s connective tissue known as elastin and collagen which is where your nerves and fat cells are found.  This is where the stretch marks occur because just like a rubber band, the skin can only stretch so far and no further. Treating stretch mark scars can be a tricky affair because you will be treating a scar you can only see from a distance but can get closer.

About tattoos

Tattoos themselves are intentionally inflicted miniature puncture wounds that are placed on that same skin layer which need to heal and they also form tiny scars as the healing gets on and over. The reason you don’t see those scars is because the tattoo scars are normally filled with some ink. The tattoo actually becomes a permanent feature in your skin due to the stability of the dermis.

stretch marks

Placing tattoos over stretch marks

There are a few challenges that people who want to cover stretch marks with tattoos are going to encounter. Some of them include the following:

  1.  Blurring: You will remember that stretch marks are actually torn skin and as a result there may be a few risks associated with trying to tattoo on the affected area. The tattoo ink is likely to bleed around the area and as such it is likely to blur the tattoo. Any professional tattoo artist will inform you of the inherent risk before they place a tattoo on a skin patch with stretch marks.
  2.  Pain: People who have received tattoos over their stretch marks have reported that they experience more pain on the area with stretch marks than they ordinarily do on other normal skin patches. Perhaps this is because the nerve endings are more sensitive in the area with stretch marks.
  3.  Distortion: When you place a tattoo on an area with stretch marks you should be prepared to have van image that is likely to get distorted. For this reason you should not be surprised to see stretch marks appearing on top of the tattoo. When you gain bulk too quickly you should also be prepared to have stretch marks appearing on top of your tattoo.

Choosing a tattoo artist

If you decide to go on with tattooing the area with stretch marks you need to choose the tattoo artist carefully. You should not commit yourself before you see their work and how well they are going to blend your stretch marks into the tattoo they will create. There are skilled tattoo artists who will generally do a good job while others will generally advice against it.

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